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Many of these backing tracks are of afrikaans music, but there's still a good mix of international and local.
Protrax has just recently launched their website, where you can now buy backing tracks online with the option to download them directly
off the site, there are plenty of english and international music backtracks in thier catalog at the moment.
I'm just one of the guys who make a lot of afrikaans backtracks, and a lot of guitar music backing tracks. It's all about who's best suited
to which kind of music, so you get the best possible backing track we can make.

This then, is my collection of backtracks that are currently available from Protrax. there are more still on the way, as I haven't managed
to upload demo's of all my recordings, and some that still need to be put into the catalog.

Protrax however, does have everything categorized, so if you don't find it here you can still go to their website on the contact page and
browse or search the entire catalog.
I hope you find the backing track you're looking for, there's so many songs still to make and so little time.

Good luck and happy searching
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